Disruptive and forward-looking opportunities for competitive and sustainable aquaculture

Watch the “INvertebrateIT Project Introduction” webinar now

INvertebrateIT invited stakeholders to participate in a webinar to provide general information about the project and present opportunities to engage with the project. 32 participants joined the webinar, and the following was discussed:

  1. Joint Vision Roadmap and Investment Plan: The “Roadmap” will include but not limited to an analysis of global trends, regional needs and strategic goals; and, the identification of priorities of the sector, including: gaps; challenges; obstacles; bottlenecks and successes. Feedback is invited from all stakeholders and will be integrated into the draft Roadmap.
  2. Investment Opportunities: Identification and promotion of innovative and accessible business opportunities with high-growth prospects.
  3. Open Contest: INvertebrateIT is accepting applications for its Open Contest to find and support three projects with the most innovative solutions for invertebrate production for sustainable fish feeds, competitive aquaculture and integrated waste management, across the EU Atlantic Basin. Stakeholders will also be invited to enter into the Open Contest for mentoring and funding.

You can listen to the webinar by clicking below:

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