Disruptive and forward-looking opportunities for competitive and sustainable aquaculture


  • Deliverable 1.3 Joint Roadmap and Investment Plan – Summary (.pdf) and Full Report (.pdf)
    A summary of a joint roadmap for invertebrate production of sustainable aquaculture feeds.
  • Deliverable 2.4 Matchmaking Event (.pdf)
    Opening presentation for the matchmaking event held at AQUA18 in Montpellier, France on 28 Aug 2018
  • Deliverable 2.6 Guidelines for PPPs (.pdf)
    How to define and manage Public-Private collaboration to seize invertebrate-based solutions for sustainable aquaculture.
  • Factsheet (.pdf)
    Information factsheet detailing the project, its objectives and partners.
  • Infographics (.pdf)
    Infographics developed by the project for social media.
  • Presentation, “Invertebrate-based solutions for sustainable aquaculture” (.pdf)
    Presentation to introduce the INvertebrateIT project at the EU Blue Economy event in Brussels, Belgium, on 22 Nov 2018.
  • Presentation, “Stakeholder consultation” (.pdf)
    Opening presentation for a stakeholder consultation for sustainable and competitive aquaculture in the EU.
  • PPP, “Omega 3” (.pdf)
    A case study on opportunities derived from the capacity of invertebrates to synthesize long chain omega 3 fatty acids (n-3 LC PUFA) from scratch.
  • PPP, “Model Farms? Going Smaller” (.pdf)
    A School Project to raise awareness about the importance and different uses of invertebrates for sustainability

More publicly-accessible deliverables will be added as they are accepted by the funder.